Take a taste from the French Macaroons

French Macaroons guarantee an awesome pleasure on your palate. They are small and big, round treats with a crunchy exterior but with a gentle, soft and velvet interior. Made with the purest ingredients like almonds, real chocolate, fruit jam and mixed nuts.

Exclusively imported from France!

(1box =4 trays x 72 pcs/tray)
12 chocolate macaroons, 12 lemon macaroons, 12 raspberry macaroons 12 coffee macaroons, 12 pistachio macaroons, 12 vanilla macaroons

Ingredients: sugar, almonds, liquid egg whites, butter, raspberry filling, glucose-fructose syrup, cream, chocolate ganache, maize starch, pistachio paste, water, natural flavouring, barley malt powder, lemon concentrate, essential lemon oil, coffee extract, invert sugar, cocoa powder. Net weight: 720g

Soft almond cakes – Mirlitons

(1box =4 trays x 56 pcs/tray)
7 chocolate cake, 7 round caramel walnut cake, 7 chocolate pistachio cake, 7 mini cherry mini cake, 7 mini apple pie, 7 roasted hazelnut cake, 6 peach with almonds cake, 7 redcurrant cake.
Ingredients: almonds, eggs, sugar, butter, apple pure, peach, walnut, cherries, peach, redcurrant, caramelized hazelnut, pistachio paste, cocoa powder, wheat starch, salt water. Net weight: 735g