Handling Practices

  1. Ice cream should be delivered in a frozen condition, -30°C or colder.
  2. Once unloaded, ice cream should be checked in immediately and moved into cold storage or into the retail display cabinet. This is essential to avoid delays which allow products to be subjected to ambient temperatures before stocking into cold storage or display cabinet.
  3. Rotate inventory on a “first­-in­, first­-out” (FIFO) basis.
  4. While loading ice cream into the display cabinet, proper inventory rotations should be followed. New products should be placed below the existing stock or at the back in the case of vertical display shelves.
  5. Items should not be placed outside the designated load limited line. Care should be taken not to block air flow.
  6. If cabinet dividers are used, they should have sufficient holes or slots to allow air to flow freely through the cabinet.