1. All vehicles used to transport ice cream, e.g. trucks, trailers or containers, railcars, ships, should be:

    a) Clean and free from dirt, debris, offensive odours, or any substances that could, with reasonable possibility, contaminate the product;

    b) Constructed, insulated and equipped with adequate refrigeration capacity and air delivery system to continuously maintain product temperature of -30°C or colder.

    c) Equipped with tight-fitting doors and suitable closure for drain holes to prevent air leakage;

    d) Pre-cooled for 25 minutes prior to loading. The object of pre-cooling is to establish a gradient across the insulation; from -30°C on the inner surface to the temperature of the outer skin;

    e) Equipped with an appropriate temperature recording device to accurately measure the air temperature inside the vehicle. The dial or reading element of the device should be mounted in a readily visible position.

  2. The thermostat on the vehicle’s refrigeration unit should be set to maintain an air temperature of -30°C or colder.
  3. Proper airflow or air circulation must be maintained on all six sides of the load. This -30°C or colder envelope around the load is a function of the vehicle’s air delivery system and proper loading of the vehicle.