Retail Display Equipment

  1. Display cabinets should be capable of maintaining an air temperature of -18°C or colder. The temperature in the supermarket’s freezer case should not be above -29°C.
  2. Display cabinets should be cited away from draughts, direct sun, heat producing equipment or any other factor likely to reduce their performance.
  3. Display cabinets should be equipped with a numerically scaled indicating thermometer which should be located to measure the air temperature in the unit at a location that is representative of the air temperature in the unit. The thermometer scale should be located to be easily readable.
  4. The display cabinet should have a properly marked load limit line.
  5. In order to provide air circulation, display cabinets should be provided with a sufficient number of dividers, separators and grids.
  6. The display cabinet should be defrosted, when necessary, to assure efficient operation. It should be kept clean and free from dirt, offensive odours, or any substances that could contaminate the product.