• PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Cream

    We proudly make all natural dairy ice cream the old fashioned, traditional way, using only fresh whole milk, fresh cream, fresh eggs, pure sugar and the finest, all natural flavouring ingredients from around the world. Our fruit sherbet and sorbet are naturally pure and refreshing frozen desserts, made with only freshly picked, ripe fruits.

    PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Cream Products and Flavours

  • La Patisserie Panayiotis

    We provide you with confectionery creations of superior quality made with the purest and freshest ingredients, prepared under the most stringent hygienic conditions and strict quality controls. With an admirable range of products, we give you and your friends what you need.

    La Patisserie Panayiotis

  • N-Ice

    N-ice ice cubes are made only from fine-filtered, dechlorinated, potable water which is further purified by the Reverse Osmosis treatment and then sterilised to ensure purity. As a result, our ice cubes are crystal clear and free from bacteria, salts and other inorganic matter and organic substances. They contain no odours which might affect the taste of your drink.

    N-Ice cubes

  • Candy Floss

    Strawberry and Banana flavoured candy floss

    Candy Floss

  • Nostalgia

    Enter the delightful world of luxury ice cream. See why Nostalgìa® is known among ice cream connoisseurs as the best tasting super-premium ice cream available anywhere. Discover our tempting range of International and Mediterranean flavours. Learn everything about our super-premium ice cream Nostalgia®.

    Nostalgia Ice Cream